What is a Registered Dental Hygienist?

Registered Dental Hygienists are primary health care providers who are experts in oral disease prevention and health promotion. 

Are Dental Hygienists allowed to work without a dentist?

Yes.  Legislation was passed in 2007 to allow dental hygienists to work independently of a dentist.  Independent dental hygienists now operate their own clinics - both mobile and store-front - in many provinces across Canada.  You now have a choice of where and by whom you receive your dental hygiene care.

What should I expect at my first visit?

We provide completely mobile dental hygiene services.  This means that we will bring our portable dental equipment to you.  We need approximately 20 minutes to set up.  During this time, we will have you complete some paperwork (if not already completed), or you can do your thing around the house until we are ready to begin.

At or before your first visit, a completed medical and dental history will be taken, including a list of all current medications and dosages, and vital signs (pulse and blood pressure) will be taken, to determine if dental hygiene care can be safely provided and to determine any effects your medical conditions or medications may have on your oral health.  We will then perform a complete intra-oral (inside the mouth) and extra-oral (outside the mouth) examination, periodontal charting and oral cancer screening to determine your current oral health status and work with you to develop your own personalized treatment plan.

Are Mobile Dental Hygiene Services covered by my insurance plan?

Yes, most dental plans cover independent dental hygiene services.  We will ask for your insurance information and can send a pre-authorization to determine your coverage.  We bill directly to your plan and offer assignment, meaning that you only have to pay your portion of the fee’s upfront (if services have been pre-authorized ahead of time and allowed by your plan).

What if I need to see a dentist?

It is recommended that you see a dentist for a yearly exam and any needed x-rays, or if we determine there is an area of concern.  You can keep your current dentist or we can refer you a dentist that we work with.