Are you or a loved one in need of dental hygiene care but have trouble making it to appointments?

Smiles for Miles is a mobile dental hygiene service that comes right to your home or care facility!

No need to worry about transportation, time off work, parking or childcare.

Our professional services are great for:

  • Families and children

  • Seniors living at home, in a retirement home or long-term care facility

  • Adults and children with special needs; including autism, alzheimer’s and physical challenges

  • Anyone who avoids going to the dental office due to phobias, dental office smells or any other reason

Mobile visits are a great alternative to having your preventive oral care done in the dental office!

A healthy mouth is essential to good health. 

Taking care of your teeth is important and can help prevent problems in the rest of your body.  Yet those of us who need the most help often can’t access care in the traditional setting.  Seeing the overwhelming need for an alternative option, I decided to start my mobile practice. 

Hi, I'm Kristie McGowan, I'm an independent dental hygienist and owner of Smiles for Miles.  I'm passionate about helping you and the one’s you love achieve your best oral health.  With a special interest in the mouth-body connection, I believe in a holistic approach to dental hygiene care.  I love learning new things and improving my skills both personally and professionally.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I love to be outside as much as possible and am a huge dog lover.  Sports have always been an important part of my life.  I’ve played softball since I can remember and have most recently taken up golf.